Heroes in Asylum

Asylum Archives #1

Hold on... this is going to be a wild ride...

It all began in Asylum….


Asylum has never had heroes… Whereas Freedom City has had costumed heroes for years. Asylum residents were happy to have their peace and quiet. Costumed vigilanteism was banned withing city limits since the 1980s. The law has never been challenged as no super heroes have ever operated within its limits. 


Only now has that begun to change.


For months black vans had been cruising the streets of Asylum, abducting the homeless, the lost, and the unloved. As the city slept, the streets have been swept clean of its vagabonds, beggars, and waifs. Eventually one man rose up to defend these friendless masses… Covered in bandages and clad in only a straight jacket and tights, the Lunatic struck at the men in the black vans, beginning a shadow war unknown to the rest of the Asylum.

The Lunatic tore through Asylum's Labyrinthine underworld, and raided laboratories in its Lab District. His crusade eventually became a part of local legend. And though his expoits became common knowledge, the Lunatic kept to the shadows. 


No superheroes dared to act publically in Asylum, until Corsair and Velocity made their debuts.



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