Heroes in Asylum

Asylum Archives #2

The Great Big Robot Battle

Heroes began to emerge in Asylum one night when a cry broke throught the summer silence. Velocity (Velocity/Blueshift), in his guise as Brad Marlin, was taking a walk with his date Lynda Hannon. When suddenly he heard a scream, he excused himself, and changing costumes quickly, he ran to the aid of a homeless man and child who was being abducted by a group of robots, led by a golden skinned man in a red jacket. Velocity engaged the  robots and the ensuing sound and light show attracted other heroes, who would make their debut.

In a nearby building, Corsair aka Jack Thunder, was attending a party. He was  investigating a gun smuggling ring that was moving guns through Hawaii and the trail had led him to Asylum. He questioned goverment officials at the party, and even threatened one or two, but they merely laughed him away. Hearing the battle nearby, Jack excused himself and entered the fray. Other heroes, arrived, the alien, Alkanar; Power Princess; and the disabled genius, Infinty Drive. A combination of Corsair's sneaky tactics and Velocity's super speed won the battle and the golden man in the red jacket retreated leaving broken robots bodies on the battlefield. Heroes had at last arrived to Asylum.

(There were other heroes involved in the Great Robot Battle, of course. We had more players. But most of them dropped out of the game or proved inconsistant for some reason. Frustrated I was forced to put the game on hiatus for at time. The players of Corsair and Velocity asked me to run a smaller game with their characters. This worked beutifullyand we continued the campaign with the smaller group. The other heroes were retconned out of the battle. Who was and wasn't actually at the battle, has remained nebulous. So far the official roster of the heroes involved includes Corsair, Velocity, Alkanar, Infinity Drive, and Power Princess. There were two other heroes that were also there, but have not been officially named.)



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