Heroes in Asylum

New Asylum #2

Women Scorned; Part 2: Night of Fury

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The heroes have just witnessed thousands of teen aged girls turning into vengeful furies! They're only response: action!

 Xanthus commands the furies to reek their vengeance as she takes a squad of them into the air and out of the stadium. Eaglesmith moves to rescue the Jones Brothers but he can only carry two at a time. He opts to get get the two youngest brothers to safety. Unfortunately while he was away, the Furies rip the third to shreds.

 Corsair follows the Xanthus and her harpies and with Eaglesmith attending to the safety of civilians, Velocity and Bombzone are left to contend with the fury hordes. The battle turns against the duo and Velocity falls, his scar ripped to tatters and a huge lightning shaped gash is carved from his forehead down to his cheek.

Xanthus leads the harpies to the museum across the street. While the harpies wreck the place Corsair confronts Xanthus and handily defeats her only to discover that she was a simulacrum, a decoy to keep him busy.

Corsair returns to the concert in time to see the Furies retreat, and carries Velocity to Freedom City. Corsair doesn't trust the hospitals in Asylum and wants to hand him over to the care of AEGIS. He only needs some stitches but even the best of AEGIS's doctors can't prevent the magical wound from scarring.

While Velocity heals, the other heroes try to figure out Xanthus master plan. They learn that the Xanthus has obtained the two Tears of Juliette, statuettes that carry the curse of the furies! They realize that Xanthus is using the statues to summon the creatures.

Tracking Xanthus to an abandoned clock tower in Old Towne, Corsair, Eaglesmith, and Bombzone prepare to raid the place. They are soon joined by Velocity in a new, darker costume. He now calls himself Blue Shift and seems to have adopted a darker personality as well. He has learned that Xanthus has not only abducted his girlfriend, Linda Hannon, but has also found the his mother, grandparents, and siblings. They are now all being held in the clock tower, as Xanthus prepares to sacrifice them to a dark god.

Inside the Tower Xanthus floats amid enchanted clock gears that protect her. Clockwork Golems and Furies also attend their mistress as she prepares a rite that will make her the fury's goddess!

The four heroes all raid the clock tower together, though Bombzone seems to have difficulty following orders. Bombzone keeps the Furies busy with his explosions. Blue shift begins freeing hostages while Eaglesmith grabs one of the Tears of Juliette. With the set divided, Xanthus cant complete the ritual. She turns herself invisible and attempts to escape. Corsair still senses her with his radar and pursues her. He is nearly intercepted by one of the enchanted gears but surges forward and punches Xanthus so hard she drops her forcefield.

Corsair is poised to take down the vile sorceress with a finishing blow when the clock tower begins to collapse!



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