Heroes in Asylum

New Asylum #3

Women Scorned: Dark Victory

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While Velocity races to get his family out of the collapsing clock tower, Corsair, Eaglesmith, and Bombzone combine there attacks and finally against Xanthus. They knock her back behind a collapsing support beam. Her spell breaks and the clock tower collapses. Corsair and the heroes attempt to dig up the other statuette that Xanthus used in her ritual. They are interrupted by Team Majestic who commandeer the crime scene. Corsairs cows Infinity Drive, attempting to keep access to the site. Power Princess, however, turns the table on Corsair, making it clear that with her around, Corsair won't be able to throw his weight around.

In the days that follow, the heroes try to return to what, for them, passes as normal lives. Velocity, now calling himself Blueshift tries to reconcile his relationship with his family and with Linda. But, when Brad's mother declares that Brad has always been worthless, Linda snaps and punches the woman. Brad, or Eddie (as he was originally called) rushes to his mother aid, promising her that he'll take care of her, no matter what. He then proceeds to rob banks at super-speed and sends some of the money to his mother and some to Linda.

Corsair, takes his grandson -in-law to meet with Eaglesmith and the president of Eaglesmith Enterprises to see if there is a way for Todd to regain his company. They are assured that if Eaglesmith can prove his identity then he can resume leadership of his company. Corsair tries to get his reporter friend Les Hylton to investigate Eaglesmith Enterprises. Les refuses the request. Les works for the Little Guy and isn't interested in Eaglesmith's troubles. Corsair requests that Les hire Matt “Bombzone” Force as an assistant. Les tentatively agrees.

Meanwhile, Bombzone meets with Father Mcleskey. The priest promises He then goes hang out with his friend Louis at the local comic shop, An Undisclosed Location. They discuss Corsairs influence on the young hero. Louis thinks that Corsair is bad news, at best unreliable, at worse, at the heart of the conspiracies that plague the city.

Brad returns home and removes his Blitzkrieg outfit from his trunk. He ponders it, his thoughts unknown.

The issues end, with Corsair spending time with his Granddaughter and her family. All seems well, but for a laugh echoing in his mind, and Xanthus's voice claiming, “I've already won.”



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