Formerly the villianous super speedster Blistkrieg, Blueshift now races for justice!


Blue Shift

Power Level: 10; Power Points Spent: 157/160

STR: +3 (16), DEX: +4 (18), CON: +1 (13), INT: +0 (10), WIS: +1 (13), CHA: +1 (12)

Tough: +1, Fort: +6, Ref: +14, Will: +6

Skills: Acrobatics 4 (+8), Bluff 4 (+5), Diplomacy 5 (+6), Disable Device 10 (+10), Notice 7 (+8), Search 7 (+7), Knowledge (physical sciences) 4 (+4), Knowledge (technology) 4 (+4), Craft (chemical) 4 (+4)

Feats: Equipment 1, Evasion, Fast Overrun, Instant Up, Move-by Action

Super-Speed 10 (+40 Initiative, Adds: Quickness 10, Speed 10; Insubstantial, Wall Run, Rapid Attack (Radius: 50 ft.), Special Alternate Power (Default Super Speed Power (Strike 10)))
  Quickness 10 (Perform routine tasks at 2500x speed)
  Speed 10 (Speed: 10000 mph, 88000 ft./rnd)
  Default Super Speed Power (Strike 10) (Alternate; DC 25)
  Stun 10 (Alternate; DC 20)
  Suffocate 10 (Alternate; DC 20; Range (ranged))

Equipment: Commlink, Caltrops

Attack Bonus: +6 (Ranged: +6, Melee: +6, Grapple: +9)

Attacks: Unarmed Attack, +6 (DC 18), Default Super Speed Power (Strike 10), +6 (DC 25), Stun 10, +6 (DC Fort/Staged 20), Suffocate 10, +6 (DC Fort 20)

Defense: +15  (Flat-footed: +8), Knockback: +0

Initiative: +4/+44

Languages: Native Language

Totals: Abilities 22 + Skills 13 (49 ranks) + Feats 5 + Powers 55 + Combat 42 + Saves 20 + Drawbacks 0 = 157


When Edward Thorbain was given the powers of super-speed during a lab accident, he didn't use his powers to thwart crime. Instead he relished in the fact that he could now run away from any responsbiblity he would ever face. Naming himself Blitskrieg he embarked on a series of daring crimes until he was thwarted by speedster hero Johnny Rocket. Johnny Rocket would defeat Thorbain repeatedly, even when the villian teamed with other of Rocket's foes, most notably the sinister Dr. Simian.

Not willing to give up on his life of crime, he then threw in with the Fraternity of Fear, where he met an amateur sorcerous who called herself Xanthus. The two hit it off immediately and shared a decadent lifestyle while operating a gang in the heart of Freedom's City's youth scene. When the Fraternity of Fear's drug ring attracted the flegling Next Gen, Claremont Academy's First Class soundly put down the Fraternity in a series of increasingly humiliating battles. Finally the Fraternity was broken up. Xanthus escaped capture, but Blitzkrieg was thrown in Blackstone Penetentiary. 

There Thorbain began to reconsider his actions. When he was approached by AEGIS Director Powers for a chance for parole, he lept at the chance to turn over a new leaf. Powers gave Thorbain a new secret identity, as  Brad Marlin, lab technician, a new super identity, as Velocity, and relocated the young man to Asylum, a city that would soon need heroes.

Brad Marlin now lives and worksin Asylum, and had even found love with a woman named Lynda Hanno. There relationship has been rocky since Velocity has begun teaming with Corsair on adventures that have put either Brad or Lynda at risk.

Recently, Xanthus has resufaced in Velocity's life and hatched a plan to destroy the life her former lover has built for himself. She may have partly succeeded as Velocity, scarred mentally and physically by an Xanthus' assault on his person and his life, now wears a darker costume, and calls himself Blueshift.


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