Heroes in Asylum

New Asylum #1
Women Scorned #1: Homecoming
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(Two new players had joined our gaming group, doubling the amount of players. So I felt like it was time for a fresh start on the campaign. So borrowing from the comics that inspire our campaign, we've started afresh with New Asylum #1 I'll continue to fill in back story with the Asylum Archives. I'll also try to update both a little more regularly.)

Corsair (Jack Thunder),  veteran superhero and grandfather was giving a tour of the aircraft hangar that is his home to his grandson,   grandson's wife and their two children. His grandson, Taylor Watson, a US Attorney, has recently been relocated into the area from Hawaii. His wife, Sheila,  isn't very pleased with the move and is still exhausted from the trip. When Taylor unexpectedly invites his grandfather to dinner, his wife becomes angry and the couple argue. During the argument she begins speaking in rhyme and subsequently transforms into a drooling many horned, many-spiked harpy.

Meanwhile, in his work at a chemical lab, Velocity listens to his co worker Ronnie Purington brag about his hot date for the night. Apparently Ronnie is taking his girl to see the Jones Brothers perform. Ronnie was lucky to get tickets even though the eldest Jones Brothers has caused  a great deal of outrage among their young fans. Toby Jones had dumped the girl who won a reality show contest, "Chasing Toby" in favor of a super model.

Ronnie's date shows up, and she turns out to be Velocity's ex-lover and former team mate Xanthus the Seductress.  Velocity decides to trail them that evening.

Todd Eaglesmith is skating through the city and is stopped by a bunch of skater fan boys. Since Eaglesmith had been lost in time for two years, most had assumed he was dead. His fans tell him how the city had been overwhelmed by killer plant life. All seemed lost when suddenly all the plants died in a city shattering earthquake. The city is now being rebuilt by a corporation called Purple Majesty , a company that is now also handling law enforcement. Puzzled by this news, Eaglesmith flies home.

Mathew Force, aka Bombzone, returns to his neighborhood and visits his old church Our Lady of Joy. There he talks with Brother who tell Matt about the new Force Ops who protects the neighborhoods that are too poor to warrant attention from Purple Majesty or Team Majestic. Br. Ramos also suggests talking to Father Mcleskey . Bombzone is about to do so when he hears a scream from the street.

Faced with a raging hideous monster, Corsair does what any veteran superhero would do. He punches it! A bit of its thorny hide breaks off against his body armor and the creature reverts to human. His great grandchildren are understandably upset. But Corsair is now more concerned with figuring out why his granddaughter-in- law was transformed. He's about to call his contacts at AEGIS to see if he can find any experts on magic to help him on this mystery. He suddenly finds himself in the home of Damantha Daumier, an agent of AEGIS and a witch. She informs him that the creature was a part of the Sisterhood of Blood, and can be summoned wherever woman are angry. She tells him to seek answers from the “one who has the scar.” Damantha returns Corsair back to his home. He calls Velocity.

Eaglesmith returns home where he's greeted by his wife and kids. Though he has been missing for two years, she was certain he would return home some day. She discovered photos of him from various news stories over the last few decades and was sure that he had become lost in time. She was equally sure that he would find his way home. She never remarried and kept the kids from despair. Though Eaglesmith had lost control of his company while he was away, his wife lived very well from his royalties.

Content that all was well, Eaglesmith calls Zack, the engineer that helped him develop the E-Skate. He has trouble talking on the phone as his girlfriend is complaining about never doing the dishes. The woman breaks into rhyme and transforms into a harpy and attacks Zack. Eaglesmith hops on his board and races to the rescue.

Bombzone runs outside Our Lady Of Joy to find an street side argument has turned into a horror scene as an urban Lothario is attacked by another Harpy. Bombzone blasts the creature and it collapse returning to its human form. The Lunatic emerges from the shadows of the church. Apparently he's been watching the young superhero.

Velocity follows Ronnie and Xanthus to the Jones Brother concert when he receives a call from Corsair. Velocity Abandons his stake out and meets Corsair at his hangar. When Corsair notices that Velocity has a scar on his hand, they both deduce that the sorceress Xanthus has been behind these transformations somehow. Corsair sends Velocity back to his stakeout and goes to find Bombzone.

Eaglesmith saves Zac from a harpy attack, returning his girlfriend to normal.. Searching for something that could have triggered the transformation he hears the sound of the the Jones Brothers concert coming through the window from the stadium nearby. Eaglesmith flies over to the stadium to investigate.

Bombzone talks with Lunatic. Lunatic takes the woman who had turned into a harpy and vanishes. Corsair arrives shortly afterwards and Corsair and Bombzone argue over the inequality evident in the way the city is recovering from disaster.

Inside the stadium, Velocity finds it difficult to remain inconspicuous in among so many teenage girls. Many of the girls are chanting for Toby's head. Excusing herself from her date, Xanthus charms a security guard into let her backstage. Velocity speeds forward, grabs Xanthus and carries her out into the countryside out of the city. Once he's miles away from the city, “Xanthus” dissolves into the security guard. Realizing he was tricked by an illusion, Velocity leaves the security guy on the side of the highway and races back into the city.

Bombzone and Corsair converge with Eaglesmith on the roof of the Museum of Antiquities next to the Stadium. Corsair shares his suspicions with the other two, and they all decide to infiltrate the Stadium. Corsair's silver tongue and Eaglesmith's celebrity get them through the door, though the concert is sold out. They slip inside just in time to see hundreds of angry teen-aged girls turn into vengeful harpies!

To be continued!

Asylum City, A Guide, Part Two
Mass transit
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Getting Around in Asylum

Asylum doesn't have nearly as sophisticated transportation network Freedom City does. The limited buses that move through the city mostly service the downtownarea. Most Asylum residents are expected to have cars… There are no subways in Asylum, but trains take passengers between Asylum and Freedom regularly. The cabs are limited to the the blue "Blue Boy" Cab Company. Owner Gary Wright accepts no competition, and is suspected of using illegal means to keep other cabs off the street.

Most residents rely on car services to get around if they don't have cars of their own, especially in multi ethnic Braunstein.

There are two airports in Asylum. The Richard M. Nixon Memorial Airport which is often chosen as a cheaper alternative when getting to Freedom City by air. Many tourists opt for a flight into RMN and take a shuttle from ACX, the Asylum to Freedom City shuttle service. A smaller private airstrip the Hanley Airport services the wealthy owners of private plains. Money talks in Asylum and Hanley is better maintained than the RMN which is suffering from budget cutbacks, reducing both service and security.

In Asylum's affluent Downtown and Second Center , the streets are well maintained. Poorer neigborhoods suffer from neglect and wear and tear. The buses are state of the art and modern, if only because they're favored by the professional lawyers, doctor, etc who try to avoid periodic grid lock that still often happens during the holidays when everyone is rushing to get out of town.

Noone bikes in Asylum. That's just asking for trouble. Driving in Asylum is said to be a sport, somewhere between Jousting and Playing Chicken. Poor layout, ill planned traffic lights, and a shortage of road ettiquette lead to frequent traffic jams, accidents, and roadside fistfights. 

Asylum Archives #1
Hold on... this is going to be a wild ride...

It all began in Asylum….


Asylum has never had heroes… Whereas Freedom City has had costumed heroes for years. Asylum residents were happy to have their peace and quiet. Costumed vigilanteism was banned withing city limits since the 1980s. The law has never been challenged as no super heroes have ever operated within its limits. 


Only now has that begun to change.


For months black vans had been cruising the streets of Asylum, abducting the homeless, the lost, and the unloved. As the city slept, the streets have been swept clean of its vagabonds, beggars, and waifs. Eventually one man rose up to defend these friendless masses… Covered in bandages and clad in only a straight jacket and tights, the Lunatic struck at the men in the black vans, beginning a shadow war unknown to the rest of the Asylum.

The Lunatic tore through Asylum's Labyrinthine underworld, and raided laboratories in its Lab District. His crusade eventually became a part of local legend. And though his expoits became common knowledge, the Lunatic kept to the shadows. 


No superheroes dared to act publically in Asylum, until Corsair and Velocity made their debuts.


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